Service Overview


Forging Partnerships



If You Are Going To  Be On The Dance  Floor, Be As Good As You Can Be!

Pick a partner who never leaves the dance floor. Pick a partner who is going to let you shine.

In the highly competitive, direct marketing arena, the narrow margin defining a successful mailing demands that you bring to bear the best talent available. And so it is when you choose your service bureau. With the right execution, all your hard efforts will shine.

At CompuTech Direct, we have been on the dance floor a long time. Our average employee has been working with catalog marketers for better than eight years. We have diverse backgrounds from the client side, from publishing, from the largest service bureaus and printers, from brokerage and coops… all blended together for your best success.

Our success is the result of continually striving to add value. We try to understand and accommodate your every move. We have two steps we do very well. We will improve your profitability. We will provide improved analysis for your future growth. That’s our dance.


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