Service Overview



Client Partnership PhilosophySince the beginning, CompuTech has been committed to a top-down consultative approach to customer relationships. Every project receives hands-on attention from one of the company’s principals as well as an experienced account manager. Additionally, the account management team is continually reviewing processing to identify innovative ways to improve customers’ experience and results. It is this client partnership philosophy that we value most, and that gives us an edge on the competition.

Core Competencies

CompuTech Direct’s core competencies are as follows:

  • Flexibility – Mailing plans and schedules are often ever-changing events. CompuTech’s ability to anticipate and react positively to last minute adjustments is a key competitive distinction.

  • Innovation – CompuTech’s commitment to continually developing new ideas to enhance clients’ mailing performance is evidenced by the early adoption of multi-buyer scoring and the advanced application of Add-A-Name® processes.

  • Customer Relations – There is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. CompuTech’s team approach to processing insures that over 25 years of experience goes into the set up and review of every project. We build partnerships.

  • Accuracy – If you don’t have accurate execution, all your work, all your investment goes out the window. So at CompuTech, every project has an account executive, two customer service reps who check each other every step of the way, as well as daily management review. Every mailing project can have as many as 130 checkpoints to assure job execution is flawless. Our commitment to zero defect is persistent and unrelenting.


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