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CompuTech Direct offers a comprehensive package of database, data hygiene & processing, and list rental fulfillment services. Database services include relational and flat-file development capabilities as well as an online accessible list rental system. All standard hygiene processes from NCOA, DSF, LACS and CASS are available, as well as merge/purge, mail qualification and ink jet processing capabilities compatible with most all domestic printers. CompuTech’s proprietary enhancement tools: MobiusMerge™ premium hygiene system, Add-A-Name®, and ClearSource matchback processes are also available.

Customer Service Overview
CompuTech Direct’s commitment to building long-lasting client relationships is most directly reflected in the dedication and loyalty of the account management teams handling the company’s day-to-day operations. With an average of eight years of service, the CompuTech staff is experienced in handling demanding situations with professionalism and an attention to detail that insures positive results. The company’s philosophy of developing consultative client relationships demands that every associate take a very proactive approach to opportunity identification and problem solving on every project.

CompuTech account management teams include the following:
  • Senior Staff Consultant

  • Account Management Supervisor

  • Account Manager

  • “Associate Backup” Manager

CompuTech Direct recognizes the importance and value having a dedicated and happy staff brings to customers and the organization as a whole. Consequently, the partners work hard to maintain an engaging, fun, and challenging work environment. Processing Services

File Conversion
As files are received for upcoming projects in varying layouts, the conversion process automatically reformats the files into CompuTech’s proprietary standard record layout. CompuTech’s process also uses this file pass to begin the process of identify problem records and addresses. This proactive step allows CompuTech to save time by identifying and reacting to any potential file error conditions very early on in the process.

MobiusMerge™ premium hygiene system
Clients looking for the additional value of a premium hygiene product, use the Right1 system’s power of referenced-based database linking to enhance the standard postal hygiene processes of NCOA, DSF and LACS. The system includes zip+4/address standardization, Change Plus, LACS, DSF, Best Address linking, a dual-pass NCOA process and Address Picker. Plus, due to a turnaround time of less than 24 hours and extremely competitive pricing, the process can be a seamless addition to your current production scheme.

Zip File Processing

CompuTech can easily utilize this function either on the front or back-end of processing. Pre-merge zip files would be used to verify the validity of list rental files prior to NCOA or other list hygiene processes. After the merge, the zip file could be applied to help eliminate list overages, or to re-segment mailable records for testing.

House Segmentation

Once the physical files have been received and converted, the CompuTech account manager will first review, then verify the segmentation instructions with the client contact. Based on those instructions, the account manager then codes the segmentation, has it checked by his or her associate back-up, and submits it to production for processing. When the segmentation is complete, the reports, along with a 100 record dump are sent back to the account manager for review and approval. The account manager carefully checks and verifies key code assignments, eliminating the possibility of inadvertent duplication or mis-assignment. Finally, the account manager will insure all dates are present and date ranges are configured as instructed by the client.

Prior Project Selects
CompuTech Direct’s efficient Windows-based project organizational system allows for easy archival and retrieval of prior project files. Since all previous processing detail is documented and saved, it is a simple task for account managers to access any information associated with those files and included it in the processing for the current project. Process and hold files are stored to be both easily identifiable and quickly accessible. Consequently, selecting keys from un-used nth files, of from the gross input, or net output of a prior merge is a simple task. CompuTech also provides clients an ongoing available multis report at the beginning of every project. This report details the number of 2x, 3x, and 4x+ multis available for use in the current project based on previous usage.

CompuTech Direct
provides NCOA services through a number of licensed contractors. To assist clients in fully understanding and effectively applying the information returned from the NCOA process, CompuTech Direct has developed a proprietary reporting system to help cut through the clutter. The three-report system not only details the number of Changes of Address and Nixies generated by move type, it also highlights the time frame in which those moves happened. This additional information is extremely valuable when attempting to assess the validity of the change data provided and how it should be applied to your housefile. Through the CompuTech NCOA processing system all appended information is available to be sent back to the client for convenient upload into their legacy system.

This procedure begins the address cleaning process by sorting the pre-merge files and checking the validity and integrity of their address elements. Each address element is isolated and scrutinized against pre-determined tolerance levels to determine validity. First and last name tables are also applied to help insure the accuracy of each record. Once the process is complete, the account manager will check a 25 record dump of the file to insure account numbers are present and correct, the merge priority is correctly assigned and that all flags and post coding instructions have been carried through appropriately.

Zip+4 Append, CASS Certification
Code1 continues the address cleaning and preparation process by standardizing the address records and applying advanced logic to identify incorrect zip codes. Addresses are then groomed even further by appending zip+4, carrier route, LOT and barcode information to the records.

List Conversion
The final step in CompuTech Direct’s standard address enhancement process is an additional List Conversion procedure. Records with insufficient or incorrect address elements are dropped. Additionally, all address fields are shifted and justified to enhance comparability. Account numbers are also justified and the system removes all leading zeros to standardize the field make-up. CompuTech’s system also has the capability to customize the address hygiene process at this stage and allow the assignment and removal of any special edit drops.

Before beginning the merge process, CompuTech account managers will perform one last quality control check to insure the priorities and post coding assignments are correct. In addition, they will examine the pander, prison and other suppression files to make certain that they are properly included. Once the files have been approved, CompuTech’s proprietary software configuration is engaged to create an extremely accurate and ultimately flexible matching environment. The system can smoothly transition from the application of Individual to Household to Address level matching logic. After the merge process is complete, the account manager will again review the reports to insure the post coding and multi buyer scoring flags were correctly carried through the process.

Cooperative Database Backend Processing
CompuTech Direct
has pioneered a system to help improve the accuracy of cooperative database balance models. We prevent any unwanted names from finding there way back into a mailing universe. Once the model files are received back from the database company, CompuTech employs a unique audit check process that sorts both the merge output file and the model files, then matches a pre-determined amount of the files against each other to validate the accuracy of the suppression procedure. By sorting the files and limiting the scope of the match, the process is effective and very economical.

Backend Nths & Splits
At this point in the process, CompuTech accounts for the accuracy of all previous processing by implementing several QC evaluations. These checks are designed to insure all identifiers and keys have been appropriately processes and carrier through for backend application. Once this verification is complete, all splits, rekeys and nths can be applied and decoys added to produce a final mail file. CompuTech employs true nthing logic. For customer convenience and to help facilitate the backend communication process, CompuTech also delivers merge output reports in the client’s preferred Windows-based application. Repopulating the backend information in a familiar format creates a comfortable situation for our client. It helps the client cut down on the time they need to make post merge mailing decisions.

Maximizing postal discounts by adding qualified names to those carrier-route codes with fewer than 10 pieces is a critically important and often over-looked mailing enhancement. CompuTech Direct’s Add-A-Name® system is often populated by unselected names from cooperative database models, or large pools of older housefile names. The proprietary system takes the entire postal enhancement process to another level in terms of sophistication and performance by scoring the input names and selecting the best available name to fill the carrier-route based on client-directed performance measures. This insures the client not only enjoys the postal savings, but also maximizes the order opportunity of each name added to the mailing.

Mail Qualification
CompuTech Direct
has extensive knowledge and experience in preparing mail files for printers such as Quad Graphics, RR Donnelley, Quebecor World, Banta, Perry Judd’s and many others. Demographic binding and coding, as well as barcode are common practices for most CompuTech Direct customers. Account managers and the production staff spend considerable time on each project working through mandated quality control steps to insure demo coding and cycle codes are correct prior to mail qualification. Additionally, as part of the quality assurance process, CompuTech has established tolerances by key to insure all keys are barcodable. This is also the process step where decoys are added, high and low finder numbers are evaluated, truncation is checked and confirmed and proper mail file sequencing is validated. One final quality check incorporated with long-term clients is to load in past historical mail tier levels, and use them as comparative benchmarks to ensure proper tier levels.

Ink Jet
To begin the Ink Jet preparation stage of any project, CompuTech Account Managers will work with the clients printer to understand in what plant and on what machine the job will be processed. With that information and the provided specifications, ink jet samples are created and the name & address, account number and key are verified directly with the client contact. The quality assurance process also includes steps to review and confirm ACS numbers and check digits on those applicable mailings. And, the actual message is reviewed to catch typos and other anomalies, as well as ensure the proper station or demo code is assigned.


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