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Marketing Solutions Through Data Processing

CompuTech Direct located in Saint Charles, IL is a privately held United States computer service bureau offering a full-suite of a comprehensive package of database, data hygiene & processing services: Mobius database, and merge purge, matchback (response analysis), modeling (regression modeling) and IBM Cognos analytical solutions in a streamlined automated environment. From its launch in 1993, it has maintained programming, production and marketing employment in the United States of America.

To help insure uninterrupted client service and maintain redundancy, CompuTech Direct has two separate processing facilities;  Saint Charles, IL and Tempe, AZ as well as virtual home offices connecting high level programmers and staff in various hubs throughout the United States of America.

CompuTech   100 Illinois Street, Suite 200     Saint Charles, IL 60174    Phone: 847-843-3200       

There has been a philanthropic technological convergence
within CTD’s closed marketing loop.

Many philanthropic clients have much stricter guidelines and more intricate processing.  They may require scanlines, finders, special lock box formulas, floating output reformats etc.  This type of process also requires customized quality control rules based on the demands of each client.  A philanthropic client may require additional processing such as a customized output or reformatted files with additional attributes such as  donation amounts.  Typically this type of processing can be fairly complex and customized.

CTD is well versed understanding the complexities and intricate nuances with our philanthropic accounts.  We identify redundant tasks based off of like data attributes within reformats.  This further allows us to cluster similar patterns building an automated streamlined processing flow.

After standards and job flow requirements are met with success, we feel comfortable automating certain aspects of processing, making for an efficient, faster system streamlining processing.   This efficient systematic auto-pilot approach gives us an advantage to further enhance customized analytical reporting. 

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Mailing plans and schedules are often ever-changing events. CompuTech’s ability to anticipate and react positively to last minute adjustments is a key competitive distinction.


CompuTech’s commitment to continuously developing new ideas in order to enhance clients’ mailing performance.


There is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. CompuTech’s team approach to processing insures that over 25 years of experience goes into the set up and review of every project. 


If you don’t have accurate execution, all your hard  work and your investment goes out the window. Our commitment to zero defect is persistent and unrelenting.


Our unique creative approach to customer relationships and continual pursuit of technological innovation drive our commitment to helping our clients achieve their goals. Since the beginning, CompuTech has been committed to a top-down consultative approach to customer relationships. Every project receives hands-on attention from one of the company’s principals as well as an experienced account management team. The entire team is continually reviewing processing to identify innovative ways to improve customers’ experience and results. It is this client partnership philosophy that we value most, and that gives us an edge on the competition.


In the highly competitive, direct marketing arena, the narrow margin defining a successful mailing, demands that you bring to bear the best talent available. And so it is when you choose your service bureau. With the right execution, all your hard efforts will shine.

At CompuTech Direct, we have been on the dance floor a long time. Our average employee has been working with catalog marketers for over eight years. We have diverse backgrounds from the client side, publishing, from the largest service bureaus and printers, brokerage and coops… all blended together for your best success.

Our success is the result of continually striving to add value. We try to understand and accommodate your every move. We have two steps we do very well. We will improve your profitability. We will provide improved analysis for your future growth. That’s our dance.

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