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Michael Stahulak, President

The New Age of Entrepreneurial Analytical Growth

Mike Stahulak  is co- founder and President of CompuTech Direct.  He’s responsible for the entrepreneurial strength and growth of his company by overseeing all operations, product developments and automation. His entrepreneurial spirit inspires his staff to treat their customers like their own business.  With a hands on approach, consultants, retail, catalog customers, non-profit companies rely heavily on his strategic help, analytical platform and knowledge to help their businesses grow.  People rely on Mike to run their business.  


What’s new? As the developer of the Mobius merge product, he recently revamped its marketing analytic platform beyond CompuTech's superior merge purge Mobius product offering.  Mike envisioned a much bigger picture approach adhering to the industries challenge to determine how to distribute marketing dollars spent across all mediums.  The NEW platform encompasses automated Daily factored or non-factored matchbacks, optional auto database updates, contact strategy and Life Time Value across all marketing channels such as email, paid search, affiliate, organic search, Google (Universal) ad words, Mobile, Tablets and social media.

He is well known as a consultant to catalog marketing companies and has been a frequent speaker at the national meetings of the Direct Marketing Association, Catalog Conference, and regional direct marketing clubs.

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