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What’s Mobius Merge Purge?

A continuous, one-sided surface formed by twisting one end of a rectangular strip through 180° about the longitudinal axis of the strip and attaching this end to the other. A Mobius strip has two sides, but a single plane. If you were to paint a Mobius strip, you would never lift your brush, but you would paint both sides. When you run MobiusMerge™ processing, there is no need for serial steps. All hygiene, all individual recognition, all groupings are integrated in the single process.  

Mobius has performed for our clients, identifying more duplicates and address corrections than any other service bureau merge system that it has been tested against.

For the past 14 years CompuTech Direct has successfully produced optimal squeaky clean mail file  for  plethora of catalog  and retail companies from all sorts of genres.

Mobius Merge Purge Platform

Mobius is an overall merge purge platform that allows variable matching logic by list and variable edit drops by list. The program links up maiden/married surnames that pattern based merges can’t join.  Also, business home links & dual home links are also performed during the process. The program automatically selects the most deliverable name & always selects the most responsive name. 

In terms of managing multis- we can accommodate up to 15 flag codes.  These flag codes can be for assigning strength of multi-score, identify multis groups (coop to coop, coop to rental, rental to rental, subscriber or membership lists to rental lists

Mobius Merge-premium merge/purge hygiene system:

Utilizes 6 Billion Record Database

3-4% more address changes than traditional NCOA

Persistent ID KEY

25 Edit Drops

Random Allocation  and Gender Override

5 merge  options. 1 Individual 2 Consumer 3 Household 4 Residential 5 Address

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