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Uncovering Unknowns.
Endless Possibilities.

In the new age of technological channel advancements and the increased demand for analytical reporting, CompuTech Direct embarks on a journey to revitalize its best marketing practices. CompuTech Direct’s maintained its position as a direct mail, catalog leader and has evolved from a catalog-print centric, company to an agnostic channel driven- closed loop marketing solutions provider. CompuTech Direct upgraded its infrastructure by eliminating redundancy through automation, hiring highly advanced programmers and upgrading state of the art tools and technology. With CTD’s revitalized technological advancements and achievements, it has increased its capabilities by creating a highly advanced proprietary database formula. The secret formula interrogates and interprets data, linking ALL marketing channels through its concentric loop which formulates relevant actionable solutions

We’re committed to making a profound impact on your ROI with our new closed loop marketing approach!

CompuTech Direct provides a new “ALL” channel fresh perspective to data processing. Closing the marketing loop beyond advanced merge purge processing and database hosting, CTD is committed to Daily Database updates, Daily Matchbacks and Daily Analytical reporting using an IBM Cognos platform.

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