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A lot of the high level executives want to see graphics from a macro level in order to understand their data quickly. Executives, CMO’s and CFO’s are looking for more visualization to make sense of their data without having to wait! Timing is everything. The concentric Mobius loop uncovers the unknowns while connecting email, paid search, google analytics, social media, and abandoned cart record data instantaneously. Just like the Mobius Strip, it doesn’t end. The wheel keeps on spinning. The data keeps getting fed back into the system.   Our operational team is working vigorously to continually reduce the turnaround times without compromising the rigor of our quality control. Our goal is to provide updated reports as quick as possible. .  At the retail store level, marketing executives want to determine which stores sales are up or which sales are down. So now they can determine how to reallocate their attribution channel investments right from their mobile phones. 

Brick and Mortar, catalogers and virtually all businesses rely on data analytics to help them make quick channel attribution decisions not only about the channel within the marketing loop but also down to the nit and gritty of their merchandise or product offering.

Data scientists and consultants rely heavily on customized real time analytical reporting. Since CTD automates processing and eliminates redundant tasks, it frees up our time to focus on who, what, when are where your customers are buying. We will work your data scientists during the emerging exploratory stages and progress to further testing.  CTD is accustomed to preparing different testing scenarios using hold out and control panels and creating evolving customized analytical reporting.

Either we can export out IMB Cognos analytical reporting directly to your data scientist or consultant or we can provide you with a license to set up the machine. Let us focus on your database structure, address hygiene, eliminating dupes, rolling up data, creating your house segmentation while you query your very own scientific analytical  reporting.    READ MORE

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