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Behind the scenes we have made a herculean push to create high- end analytical reporting such as New to File Average order ( NTF AOV) metrics, Dashboard Google analytical reports, an Intelligent Key IKEY snap shot reporting during a certain frozen period of time, merchandise reporting, and a suite of  ALL channel response analysis report  on a dailyor weekly basis.  


Day by day or hour by hour:  We offer a suite of automated daily database and daily matchback reports, a complete ”Basic Mobius” report package, a high end crème de la crème report package called, “ Master Mobius” or a la carte, called “Moby” reports.  The suite of  daily matching; weekly report package contains daily input data, output data by channel, summarized/rolled up by each season or year, merchandise product category response, sku level response compiled from any given time period. 

CompuTech Direct can create your IMB COGNOS  reporting package for you or  you can create your own IMB analytical Cognos reporting.  


It’s Entirely Up To You!
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